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From the Inside Out

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Embracing Equity
From the Inside Out
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Building a thriving community
requires Embracing Equity

Why Us?

Embracing Equity is what we do. It's a verb. We cultivate equitable mindsets, relationships, policies, and procedures that ensure everyone's potential is nurtured and every person feels valued and included.

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Our Vision

We envision a just society where all children and adults are affirmed in their whole humanity and nurtured to their fullest potential.

Our Mission

Embracing Equity transforms mindsets and practices to build authentically equitable organizations and communities.

Our Impact

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Our Answer is:


Commitment to community

Relentless pursuit of an equitable future

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Our Approach

Embracing Equity leverages a coaching methodology instead of a consulting one. As such, a key aim of all of our partnerships is to build your own capacity to sustain this work in wholly integrated ways.

We focus on developing anti-racist mindsets and practices - not on creating a toolkit. Rather, we say, “the tools are in you.” We help you hone and sharpen these tools and unlock your own potential to lead, guide, and sustain equity work within your organization. We will support you in developing anti-racism leadership skills in order to build and sustain a culture of trust and belonging through shared learning and collaboration.

A Holistic Approach to Organizational Transformation

Recognized as a leading anti-racism training organization for education professionals, Embracing Equity has supported over 10,000+ participants impacting over 660,000 children internationally.

Embracing Equity provides a unique ecosystem approach necessary to breakthrough systems of oppression and move towards real action steps and progress represented in:

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How we view and understand the world impacts how we view and understand people. We will equip you with the skills to recognize racism when you encounter (even in yourself!) and do something about it. We offer interactive workshops, equity-centered coaching, revelatory assessments, goal mapping, and access to the client portal and Core Strengths platform and tools.

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Individual Learning

Our tailored solutions break down barriers, reveal untapped potential, and pave the way for meaningful progress. From interactive workshops to personalized coaching and cutting-edge online tools, we offer what you need to embark on a journey of profound healing and learning.

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Institutional Transformation

We take theory into action. We equip and empower leaders to embrace equity in their organizational structures, policies, and procedures. This means Embracing Equity from the inside out to best reflect your values and what's needed in your unique context.

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"Embracing Equity combines powerful learning with radical joy to create a brave space to learn, unlearn, grow, heal and develop the tools needed to take critical action and embark on self reflection, knowing it takes both to uproot and dismantle white supremacy."
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Nichole H.

Early Childhood Education Specialist

Our Team

Our Board

Rachel Haynes (she/her)
Associate Director of Brand Strategy, Dirty Hands

Rachel Haynes (she/her)

Associate Director of Brand Strategy, Dirty Hands

Top 3 Strengths:

  • Synthesis
  • Adaptability
  • Encouragement

Fun Fact: Rachel enjoys cooking and photography.

Rachel Haynes is a strategic brand and marketing leader with operational experience that allows her to holistically impact organizations. Using creative marketing backed by data-driven decision making, Rachel seeks to bridge people with products and services aspiring to make a positive impact on the world.

With experience in board membership for premier youth sports organizations and donating time and services to organizations benefiting youth in general, Rachel is excited to help Embracing Equity fulfill their vision to create a just society where all children are affirmed in their whole humanity and nurtured to their fullest potential.

Matt Kramer (he/him)
Co-founder and CEO, The Wildflower Foundation

Matt Kramer (he/him)

Co-founder and CEO, The Wildflower Foundation

Top 3 Strengths:

  • Principled
  • Adaptable
  • Risk-Taking

Fun Fact: I have visited 54 of the 63 U.S. National Parks

Matt is the co-founder and CEO of The Wildflower Foundation, which supports a rapidly growing decentralized network of 62 teacher-led Montessori microschools serving an intentionally diverse group of families and children across 17 states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Matt started his career with McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm, ultimately becoming a partner and leader of the Firm’s work in education and financial services. From 2005-2015, Matt served as Teach For America’s Chief Program Officer, then president, and finally co-CEO.

In 2016, Matt met Sep Kamvar, director of the MIT Media Lab’s Social Computing Lab and creator of the Wildflower school model, and together they started the Wildflower Foundation to further develop the Wildflower model and support the spread of Wildflower schools.

Matt is the board chair of Embracing Equity, a national anti-racist leadership development program. He has previously served as the board chair of Bright Water Montessori, a Minneapolis-based charter school, the founding board chair of 50CAN, and on the boards of Leadership for Educational Equity, Our Turn, the Harvard Cooperative Society, and the Graduate Board of the Harvard Crimson.

Matt attended Montessori school through 6th grade and received an undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard College. He currently lives in the Twin Cities with his wife, two Montessori-educated daughters, two dogs, and a bunny.

Meera Sinha (she/her)
Founder & CEO, ParentConnect

Meera Sinha (she/her)

Founder & CEO, ParentConnect

Top 3 Strengths:

  • Listening
  • both/and thinking
  • finding joy in the fun & struggle of toddler parenting!

Fun Fact: Meera was a film major and came to the education world through film. Her first job was teaching documentary video production to teens on Chicago's south side!

Meera Sinha is the co-founder of ParentConnect, an organization that helps parents navigate the early childhood years through community-building group parenting classes. Prior, she led The Wildflower Foundation's school startup team, building tools to support teachers opening their own publicly-funded Montessori microschools. Her interest in early childhood education was sparked at NYU's Neuroscience & Education Lab, where she studied children's development of self-regulation. She lives in Evanston, IL with her husband and two young children.

Wilhelmina Yazzie - Diné (she/her/Asdzáán)
Paralegal, Tribal Law Advocate, & Parent Advocate

Wilhelmina Yazzie - Diné (she/her/Asdzáán)

Paralegal, Tribal Law Advocate, & Parent Advocate

Top 3 Strengths:

  • Resilient
  • Optimist
  • Humility

Fun Fact: I have a sensitive nose and can smell everything.

Wilhelmina Yazzie is of the Diné (Navajo) tribe from the eastern region of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, and the daughter of the late Annie Yazzie, who was an educator for over 35 years in the community of Casamero Lake, New Mexico, where Wilhelmina was born and raised. She is of the Start of the Red Streak/White Mountain Apache clan, her matrilineal lineage. 

She is a Parent Advocate and is one of the key Plaintiffs in the landmark education lawsuit, Yazzie/Martinez vs. State of NM, who sued the state for its failure to uphold its legal obligation to give all students a sufficient education, primarily Native Americans, English Language Learners, low-income and children with disabilities. Like all parents, Wilhelmina wants her children to have a better quality education and an equal opportunity to succeed. She also values her culture and language, and views all children sacred.

Aside from being a courageous parent, Wilhelmina is a Paralegal and is also a licensed Law Advocate to practice before her tribal courts. She and her partner, who is of the Oglala Lakóta tribe, have three beautiful children. Wilhelmina was recently named one of USA Today’s Women of the Year and she is also a recipient of the prestigious National Indian Education Association’s Parent of the Year award and was selected by the National Education Association Human and Civil Rights Commission to receive the inaugural Wilma Mankiller Memorial Award for her efforts to ensure that the children of New Mexico receive an equitable and quality education.

Connect, Collaborate, and Create Change

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At Embracing Equity, we welcome dialogue and collaboration across all sectors. Whether you're involved in education, corporate leadership, or funding, or simply share our passion for equity, we're here to engage with you.

Contact us to explore how we can work together tobuild a more inclusive and equitable world.

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