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Anti-Racism Education
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Embracing Equity is created by educators with best in class adult learning principles from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A teacher founded national nonprofit

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Schools, districts, and education organizations across the country are grappling with some key challenges:

Given that everyone is a at different place in their own racial literacy and cultural competency, you need differentiated and tailored professional development to meet each person where they are.

Build deeper, more trusting relationships rooted in equity and a culture of belonging.

Create a sustained culture of belonging for your staff, students, and families.

Embracing Equity is created by educators with best in class adult learning principles from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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"Instead of thinking what is wrong, how do we fix it, try thinking what is possible, how do we create it?”
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Dr. Nicole Evans

Senior Director of Leadership

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Anti-Racism Professional Development

Embracing Equity creates brave facilitated spaces to build a solid foundation of shared language, knowledge, and practices related to anti-racism, equity, inclusion, and culturally sustaining practices. 

We meet you where you are with love and compassionate accountability instead of shame or guilt. We don't just check the box on equity. Instead, we integrate practical, personal, relational, and systems level change.

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Teaching for Equity Micro-credential

Join us in this interactive, self-paced program with 10 high-leverage practices to dismantle systemic racism and build a culture of belonging in classrooms. Access numerous concrete examples from a lively virtual community of practitioners.

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Building Equitable Educational Institutions

Every organization is at a different place in their journey towards equity, diversity, and inclusion. That’s why we tailor our programs to make sure they are relevant to your unique organizational culture, needs, and goals.

Leveraging our data-informed approach, we support you and your organization to audit your current equity landscape, lead sustainable change, and measure real progress over time.

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Through coaching, we help you sharpen your equity lens and build your racial literacy. We support you in addressing problems of practice and building your skills as an inclusive team member.

Coaching equips you to own your strengths, communicate more effectively, work through conflict, and create better alignment between your purpose and impact.

“The opportunity to practice talking with my coworkers about systemic racism has helped me build capacity to identify and address it in myself and within our organization.”

Travis Eddy

Teacher at The Ivy School

“The work that Embracing Equity is doing is powerful and crucial. I've participated in a few different workforce development DEI trainings and this is, by far, the most challenging yet rewarding experience I've been part of! I feel empowered as an educator to create a more inclusive classroom community.”

Kotheid Nicoue

Leaders Studio Manager at Rippleworks

“In our busy lives it's often hard to see how our actions and words are affecting those around us. The Embracing Equity Virtual Retreat gave me a much needed pause to reflect and provided me the tools to help me grow as a more affirming, inclusive, and equitable person. In doing so I can now begin to help my school and network implement anti-bias, anti-racist organizational change."

Leilani Montano

Assistant Principal at Enos Garcia Elementary, Taos Municipal Schools

“Embracing Equity has been a game-changer in my life. They have helped me to help my people understand the significance of the Yazzie vs. New Mexico Public Education Department court ruling and the ways in which our children can be seen and educated in a system that allows them to be their whole Indigenous selves inclusive of our native language and everything embedded in it...That’s why I am proud to be part of this growing movement and community.”

Trisha Moquino

Executive Director of Keres Children’s Learning Center

“I was struck by how healing and affirming this space was. I came into my cohort experience prepared to learn and grow and to challenge my thinking but I did not expect Embracing Equity to offer a healing space where I could integrate my mind, body, and spirit. I made so many connections that I carry with me now - I am so grateful.”

Elena White

Associate Director, Center for Art and Community Partnerships at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

“Through Embracing Equity, I learned that I, as a teacher, am perpetuating systemic racism with the procedures I set up in my classroom. I now feel enlightened to set up my classroom in ways that resist white supremacy culture. I feel empowered with information to keep me conscious of embracing equity with my learners."

Sandi Bowers


“Through love and compassion, Embracing Equity has helped our school, our teachers, our staff, and our administrators to disrupt actions, words, feelings, and beliefs that support White Supremacy and critically look at changes on an individual and systemic level that we can make to create change.”

- Alex E

“The world would be a better place if Embracing Equity cohorts were a universal requirement. Highly recommend this for everyone!”

- Alex E

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