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Anti-Racism Leadership Development to Empower Change Agents

At Embracing Equity, our anti-racism leadership development training is designed to equip both individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills required to drive meaningful change. Set up a free inquiry call today to learn more.

The Embracing Equity Leadership Residency is a national program that supports organizational leaders to confidently lead an affirming, inclusive, and equitable community.

This groundbreaking leadership development program helps individuals become equity leaders in their organizations. Your organization will be transformed with the knowledge, skills, systems and structures that are required for a culture of belonging. Set up a free inquiry call today to learn more.

Empowering Equitable Leadership

Being a leader today is about inspiring motivation and passion in others. It's about having a vision and understanding the path to achieving goals. A leader is someone who has the ability to bring a group of people, whether in an education setting, within a business, a community, or elsewhere, together and to move in the right direction.

A leader is never someone who sows division. Rather, they work to create environments where everyone has a fair chance to succeed. Here at Embracing Equity, we understand that effective leadership is one that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and anti-racist principles.

Our goal, through our leadership development programs, is to provide you with both the skills and knowledge to create welcoming spaces where everyone feels like they belong.

We tailor our training to your specific needs and the needs of your organization. Whether you are a head-of-school, executive director, chief diversity officer, or CEO of a company, our trainings are tailored to you.

To become an advocate for change and to learn how to lead with equity in mind, contact us to set up a free inquiry call or fill out the form below for more information.

No Place for Racism

Racism, wherever it is found, has an evil and malicious effect on our society. For one, it quite literally kills people, both physically and spiritually. Racism also stifles potential and creativity, whereas diversity is proven to boost innovation and equity enables every person to thrive. A leader who is trained in anti-racist leadership is someone who can build and cultivate the environment for a culture of belonging.

Anti-racism leaders work to create opportunities for everyone, whatever their background. Within this affirming space, people are able to feel seen, heard, and supported.

Within schools, racism can both affect child development and create an atmosphere where teachers are unable to do what they do best. Anti-racist leaders work to address racial disparities as well as dismantle systemic inequalities, which works to promote understanding and build bridges.

The same is true within community networks, where bias and discrimination can impact progress and positive change. By undertaking our anti-racism leadership development training, today's leaders can put themselves at the forefront of creating a more just and equitable world.

Here at Embracing Equity, we are committed to empowering today's leaders to drive change and build a future where every single person can thrive.

How Our Trainings Help

At its core, our anti-racism leadership development training programs work to provide key guidance and practical support for leaders across a range of industries. During our training, you will learn to foster inclusive environments, confront bias where you see it, and change systemic inequalities.

We enable leaders to learn effective strategies for dealing with racism and bias. This includes creating opportunities for new voices to be heard and addressing unconscious bias.

We are also committed to providing ongoing support. This is done to ensure that leaders are in a position to effectively implement what they have learned in our program. We follow through on our goal to drive meaningful change.

If you wish to become a more effective advocate for change, we are here to help. Create a more equitable future for all by enrolling in our anti-racism leadership development training program.

Benefits of Anti-Racism Leadership Development

For Organizations

Within a company, whether or small business or a multinational, leaders are tasked with bringing people together, driving growth, and supporting innovation and new ideas. Racism and bias greatly undermines a company's ability to grow and creates a toxic work culture that is not good for anyone.

Racism within a business also leads to absenteeism among employees, bad public relations, potential litigation, and limited future growth. Our trainings enable business leaders to contribute to building a more inclusive working environment and drive both sustainability and success.

For Education

When racism occurs within educational environments, students, teachers, other staff members, and parents and guardians are all harmed.

Anti-racism leadership development training works to identify issues and create lasting and sustainable solutions so that everyone feels included. This is the key to creating schools where effective teaching and student growth is able to flourish.

For Funders  

Within philanthropic communities, racial equity is essential to fulfill its mission of creating positive social change and addressing the root causes of social problems. Without addressing racial inequities, philanthropic efforts may inadvertently perpetuate or exacerbate disparities, reinforcing existing unequal power dynamics.

Embracing equity enhances the effectiveness and impact of philanthropic efforts by ensuring that resources are allocated in a way that addresses the specific needs and priorities of the communities they seek to serve, leading to more sustainable and transformative outcomes.

How It Works

1. Free Inquiry Call

If you are interested in building an equitable organization, the first step is to contact us for a free inquiry call. We will take the time to assess current practices as well as leadership strengths in order to understand your specific needs and challenges. We will then customize a proposal with you so that you are getting the most value for your organization's investment.

2. Personalized Training

Our team of professional facilitators and curriculum experts will then deliver a program that is tailored to your unique needs, goals, and objectives. Through a combination of interactive workshops, communities of practice, and coaching sessions, we provide the necessary tools and strategies for fostering inclusion and confronting bias.

Here's some of the supports you will receive:

  • Comprehensive and robust Equity Audit and Data Analysis (see sample analysis)
  • Leadership Strengths Assessment and Analysis
  • Executive Equity-Centered Coaching
  • Organizational Group Coaching
  • Communities of Practice with peer organizations
  • Multi-day Virtual Leadership Retreat for a deeply engaging learning experience

3. Ongoing Support

We are committed to ensuring the successful implementation of your solutions. This means we provide mentorship and resources to help leaders apply the skills they have learned in their real-world situations and unique context.

Why Partner With Embracing Equity?

  • 100% of our participants report implementing their learning within the first 3 months!
  • 92% report that this experience is extremely valuable.

We are proud to be recognized as leaders in the field of diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism education, and leadership development. Taking a holistic approach, we work to integrate leadership development practices into equitable, anti-racist principles.

Click below to learn more about our vision and mission.

Read Our Reviews

"The Embracing Equity Leadership Residency is by far the most powerful and transformative leadership experience I have had. After experiencing various workshops on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion that just felt like one-off events, we have finally made meaningful, long-lasting progress with Embracing Equity's unique approach focusing on three interlocking aspects of transformative organizational change: the individual learning, the culture and climate, and systems and structures. The yearlong Leadership Residency has laid the foundation for our school's journey in becoming a truly equitable organization and we are so grateful!"

Meagan Ledendecker

Co-Founder & Director of Education at The Montessori School of the Berkshires

Antiracism development
"The Yearlong Leadership Residency is exactly what organizations need to develop intentionally equitable practices and structures. We were able to create the capacity for organizational and cultural change. This experience and guidance has given me the gift of insight into my organization as never before."

Jessica Deutsh

Educational Consultant & former Partner at The Wildflower Foundation

Antiracism development
"I can't recommend the Yearlong Leadership Residency enough! The entire program, the process, the people all helped my organization by illuminating equity challenges and providing personalized, constructive tools to improve our individual, interpersonal, and institutional ways of working."

Kelly Mannion

Director and Superintendent of River Public Charter School

Antiracism development
"The Leadership Residency not only transformed our organization to be more equitable, it forever changed my life. Don't hesitate, just do it!"

Erin Haapala

Assistant Head of School at Sunny Hollow

Antiracism development
“The world would be a better place if Embracing Equity cohorts were a universal requirement. Highly recommend this for everyone!”

- Alex E

“The world would be a better place if Embracing Equity cohorts were a universal requirement. Highly recommend this for everyone!”

- Alex E

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