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Embracing Equity offers customized solutions to dismantle systemic barriers and equitably cultivate spaces where diversity and inclusion are not just valued, but actively celebrated.

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Let's Create Your Customized Solution

Let's Create Your Customized Solution
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We provide a holistic journey that equips organizations with the knowledge, empathy, and leadership skills required to drive meaningful change.

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For Education

Education is not just about teaching facts and figures—it's about creating a supportive ecosystem where everyone can thrive. By embracing anti-racist education and acknowledging our own biases, we can make belonging a reality for every student.

Together, we can build schools where every person feels seen, heard, and empowered to succeed.

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For Montessori

Developed by Montessori trainers, we understand your unique needs and meet you with love and compassionate accountability.

Embracing Equity creates brave learning spaces for the "spiritual preparation of self." We build a solid foundation of shared language, knowledge, and practices related to anti-racism, equity, inclusion, and culturally sustaining practices.

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For Organizations

We are transforming organizations to be more equity-centered. Our comprehensive programs equip leaders and organizations to create cultures and climates where every team member feels valued and a strong sense of belonging.

We blend the best adult learning and organizational change theories with practical strategies to drive systemic change with organizations from the inside out!

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For Funders

Our strategic support for funders is about more than just financial investment; it's about investing in our collective future and humanity.

We provide insights and strategies to ensure that funding creates a lasting, equitable impact. We support funders drive systemic change to foster a society where every individual, especially every child, has the opportunity to thrive.

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