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Learn more actionable skills with our self-paced micro-credential to foster equity and inclusion in your teaching practices.

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With students from various cultural backgrounds, classrooms are increasingly diverse. However, educators lack the tools and strategies to support and engage all learners. This can lead to disparities in education outcomes.

At Embracing Equity, we understand the challenges educators face in offering inclusive and equitable learning (even with the best of intentions). Through our Teaching for Equity Microcredential, we can help you overcome these obstacles through practical and immediately applicable skills.

Our goal is to:

  • Bridge the gap in educational equity
  • Cultivate inclusive classrooms
  • Empower educators as change agents
  • Cultivate classrooms where every student can thrive

Our Teaching for Equity Microcredential is designed not only to educate but also to equip teachers with the necessary skills to adapt and succeed in diverse educational environments.

Our Comprehensive Inclusive Education Solutions

Targeted Curriculum

Our microcredential program is specifically designed to address systemic inequities through high-impact practices that can become ritualized in your community. We equip educators with practical strategies they can use to foster a culture of belonging.

Reflective Practice

We believe that meaningful change starts with self-reflection. Our program encourages educators to examine their own biases, assumptions, and privileges. The process shows them how these factors influence their teaching practice. With reflective practice, educators can identify areas for growth. It also helps them develop a more equitable approach to education.

Community Support

As an educator, you don't have to navigate their equity journey alone. Our microcredential program provides access to a supportive community. You can interact with like-minded peers and experienced facilitators to share ideas, get advice, and receive personalized support. Through collaboration and dialogue, you can find inspiration to support equity in education together.

Practical Resources

If you are an educator, you need resources to translate equity principles into action. Our program offers a wealth of resources, including case studies, examples, and feedback. These empower you to create inclusive learning environments. It will help you make your students feel valued.

Teaching for Equity Core Principles

What You'll Gain:

  • A robust toolkit of 10 Embracing Equity practices, ready for immediate implementation
  • 25 professional development hours
  • A prestigious digital badge for your professional profiles
  • Concrete skills to effectively teach and cultivate a culture of belonging
  • Enhanced confidence in addressing issues of race and racism within educational settings

Why Enroll?


Our program is ideal for teachers, teacher assistants, and counselors. It will help you integrate anti-racist practices into your daily interactions with students.

School Leaders

Principals and administrators can also take part in our microcredential program. It will help you cultivate equitable cultures within their educational institutions with their staff and their communities.

District Leaders

Superintendents and educational policymakers can join to help foster systemic change.

Parents and Families

Caregivers interested in promoting equity within their communities can enroll in our program.

Our Impact

The impact of our microcredential speaks for itself. After finishing our program:

  • 93% reported increased confidence in addressing issues of race and racism
  • 96% felt better equipped to take actionable steps toward anti-racist education

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"It's not micro. It's more than a course. It's interactive. Hands-on. There are other digital tools in the market - but this is hands-on and action-based credential."

Lorena Germán

Literacy Educator & Author

Teaching for Equity
"As someone who teaches teachers, for me it was a great way to get information and to find ways to share with my students; the Teaching for Equity Microcredential helped me to better help my students recognize their own biases. Through Embracing Equity, I was able to unpack my own experiences, assumptions, and biases also."

Teacher Trainer from the NM Institution of Higher Education

Teaching for Equity
“The world would be a better place if Embracing Equity cohorts were a universal requirement. Highly recommend this for everyone!”

- Alex E

“The world would be a better place if Embracing Equity cohorts were a universal requirement. Highly recommend this for everyone!”

- Alex E

Why Join Our Mission for Equitable Education?

Interactive Learning

Embark on a journey of discovery and growth through our interactive, self-paced sessions. We have 10 high-impact, Embracing Equity practices carefully curated to dismantle systemic racism and build a culture of belonging.

Expert and Peer-to-Peer Guidance

Receive expert guidance and support from seasoned equity educators committed to your success. Our expert facilitators will offer personalized coaching and feedback for enhanced equity-centered practices. Additionally, our interactive platform fosters collaboration among all participants for peer mentoring and support.

Transformative Impact

Drive meaningful change in educational settings thanks to our robust Teaching for Equity Microcredential. When you partner with us, you can expect to bring real transformation in education.

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